Friday, 23 October 2015


I don't want this moment to pass me bye without praising God

I feel so blessed because I know the Lord,
I feel so honoured because the Lord takes pleasure in me.
When I was lost, I found the favor of the Lord
With the precious blood of Jesus, He cleansed me.

Lord I am forever grateful because of your love towards me.
When I look forward and I see a lot of people ahead of me and I wish to proceed to those great heights, your spirit calmed me and made me look behind to see people that are praying to be where I am today, then I know that indeed you have been very good to me.

Some people have food but they cannot eat,
Some can eat but they have no food.
Some people walk miles to digest what they ate
Some walk miles to look for what to eat.
I have food, I can eat, my digestive system is okay (I don't walk miles to get my food digested) and I don't walk miles to look for what to eat. I am very grateful dear Lord.

I am not writing this post in the prison, neither am I writing it from the hospital bed. What else can I say? I am 100% thankful Heavenly Father.

To all the readers of this post, think deep about your life, forget about your negative experiences, ponder on the positive things the Lord has done for you;
- provision of food
- your body is functioning well,
- even if you walk miles to get food at least you get food, some people walk miles to look for food yet they don't have it.
- whenever you eat, you feel hungry again, a sign that your digestive system is functioning well
- you are not reading this post from the prison.

You see that the Lord has been good to you, you may not be where you want to be right now, look around you and you will see people praying to be where you are right now, that means you are better placed to some people.

I am taking this moment to praise the Lord, come and Join me sing Hallelujah.
In Jesus name I have given thanks.

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