Saturday, 2 January 2016


Its the beginning of a new year, this is an opportunity for us all to rearrange our thoughts, our behavior and our ways of life so that we will achieve greater things this year. But "You can't live the same way and expect a new Result"

Expecting a new result begins with a new way of life. You remember the story of the young ruler that came to Jesus Christ to ask what he can do that he may have eternal life? (Matthew 19:16-22).

The young ruler wanted the greatest desire of all Christian, to have eternal life. Jesus simply told him to keep the commandments. The Ruler said he has been keeping the commandments since he was a youth. We can see that this Rich Young Ruler felt he needed something and what Jesus asked him to do was something new (He has been keeping the commandments since he was a youth, which seems not sufficient for him to have eternal life). Jesus told him to sell all he has and show love to the poor, Jesus told him to come and he was asked to Follow Christ.

Great are the desires of our heart, we have achieved some things in the past years and we desire something new this new year. Continuing in our old ways may not give us that great heart desire, we need to change our philosophy, we need to strengthen our relationship with God and we need to imbibe new principles to achieve new results.

Dear Lord, our kind and heavenly Father, we humbly beseech You and this moment, we seek more of You as we step into this New year;
- We pray that You give us a new life, a life better than what we were living before so that we will achieve greater things.
- All we desire this year, kindly do them for us
- We want more of Your presence in our lives, please let us experience Your presence anew.
- We need to change our ways this year, we need to change our principles this year, we need to change our philosophies this year, please Lord, let your Holy Spirit help us make a positive change.
- Dear Lord, it is the Beginning of a new year, the Year we have not seen before. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. you have seen the End of 2016 before we begin it. We therefore pray that
- Please go before us this New year and we will gladly follow.
- Bless us with the gift of the Holy Spirit and we shall be blessed
- Teach us how to love one another and lift us up.
In Jesus Name we pray.


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