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All through history, humans have engaged in warfare. Something in human nature causes the people of one group to want to plunder, pillage, and slaughter those of another. 

In a book about her father, British philosopher Bertrand Russell, Katherine Tait wrote about her father’s concern at the outbreak of World War I regarding the joyin the streets of England at the prospect of war with Germany. “He had grown up with an optimistic Victorian belief in automatic progress, with the confidence that the whole world would, in its own good time, follow the wise course of the English from ancient brutality to civilized self-government. Then, suddenly, he found his own beloved compatriots dancing in the streets at the prospect of slaughtering great numbers of fellow human beings who happened to speak German.”

My Father Bertrand Russell (England:Thoemmes Press, 1997), p. 45. Multiply this same idea over history among almost all people, and we see the reality of fallen human nature in one of its most consequential and tragic forms.

Now, in most of these human wars, no one knew the outcome before hand. People went to battle not knowing if they would be on the winning or losing side. 

In the “Warfare Worldview” of our cosmos, we have one great advantage: we know which side has already won. Christ has won the decisive victory for us. After the Cross, no question remained about who is the Victor and who can share in the fruits of that victory. Satan’s cause is, indeed, a lost cause.

What do the following texts tell us about the outcome of the great controversy? Heb. 2:14, 1 Cor. 15:20–27, Rev. 12:12, 20:10. 

Just as Satan lost the war in heaven, he lost the war on earth, as well. But with hatred and vengeance he’s still seeking all whom he may devour (see 1 Pet. 5:8). However complete Christ’s victory, the battle still rages, and our only protection is to place ourselves, mind and body, on the winning side. And we do that by the choices we make every day. Are we making choices that put us on the winning side, where the victory is assured for us, or on the losing side, where defeat is certain? On the answer to this question our eternal destiny hangs.


The message up there really blessed my soul when i studied it and i thought i should share it with you. We all know how satan waged war in heaven, how he lost and how he was casted down to the earth (Isaiah 14:12-20, Ezekiel 28:1-19, Revelation 12:7-9). From that time there has been a great controversy between God and the Devil

The message up there gave us hope because this battle has already been won by God through Jesus Christ. It is now easy for us to make our choice and to choose sides freely. The question now is; Are we going to be on the Lord's side and be victorious with Him or are we going to be with the devil who has already been defeated.

(Note: there is no sitting on the fence)

God bless you as you choose to be on the Lord's side.

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