Sunday, 17 April 2016



In the course of my chatting with a friend on my bbm today, i came across the above memes, it's kind of funny. It ministered to me and i also want to share it with you, my friends.

Of course, a whole lot of people (including me) give excuses that we are full of sins or we are a not holy enough to be a part of a prayer group or to pray in general. After i saw this message filled image i remember a bible text about the mission of Christ to the world; Christ didn't come to save those that were already safe, He rather came to save the sinners (Luke5:32).

The fact that we are all sinners is one of the reasons why we constantly need to pray to the Sinless Son of God for more of the Holy Spirit from God our father. He will generously give us because He is a Loving Father.

It's so funny to me that i thought about; being dirty and making a grievous decision of not taking a bath because we are too dirty. The only result we will get from that is "getting more dirty and acquiring infections as a result of lack of personal hygiene"

Likewise, a sinner who says he can't pray because he is a sinner will sink in sins and this may eventually lead to eternal death.....

Let us ponder on this as we begin another wonderful week....

May God bless your week and make it a fruitful one.

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