Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The answer to the bible quiz is "MOSES". That was very simple. 

A very big "THANK YOU" to everyone who participated in the quiz. Those who used the comment box and those who just whispered the answer and moved on with their daily activity. 

The story of Moses can be found in the book of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The children of Isreal came to Egypt and over time they became slaves to the Egyptians. When the time came for their deliverance, a Saviour (Moses) was born.......we know the entire story but here are few but vital lessons from the story

1. He was born as a slave (Exodus 2:1-4): no matter the circumstances surrounding the condition of your birth......your country of birth, the family you came from and how uncomfortable you immediate environment is. God has a purpose for you.... DO NOT GIVE UP

2. He was raised as a prince (Exodus 2:10): although he was taken care of my His own mother till a certain age, He was grown as a son to the daughter of pharaoh. He was not carried away by the goodies of the palace or by the pleasure of being raised as a son to a princess and probably the heir to the throne.

The lesson here is, do not be too comfortable when everything seems to be working fine on your behalf. If Moses was too comfortable in the palace, he may not become the great leader he later became.

3. Opportunities In Exile: we can imagine. Moses who has tasted good life in the palace now in exile. He got married and he became a shepard. Although far from his people, he was not depressed with his life. He chose to move on. His first opportunity to become a leader came when he started grazing sheep and goats (shepard).

He also had an encounter with the Lord while he was in exile. And that is the point in His life when his entire life changed and His mission in life was discoverd.

Whenever we feel like an outcast, whenever we are rejected and we seems to be very far from the world that loves us, do we just sit down and dwell on our troubles and our sorrows or we can brace ourselves just like Moses, to utilize every opportunities around us? Let us strive to encounter the Lord too and our purpose and mission will be known.

The life of Moses has so many lessons to teach us. What i want us to ponder on is; no matter what situation you find yourself, "do not give up on yourself". God has a big plan for you. You only need to brace yourself up and you will be as great as you can be.

Have a great day

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