Saturday, 24 December 2016


At midday on Friday when i was clocking out of work, i got a special smile from my boss' secretary when she handed me a box of gift and she said "on behalf of our company we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". I reciprocated with a warm smile as i wished her a Happy holidays.

This season is marked with Celebrations and exchange of gifts, but i tell you, the greatest gift to mankind is still the gift of the only begotten Son of God, Who left all His Glories in Heaven and came to this world in perfect humility, not just as a Son to the family of a carpenter but also as a Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the whole world.

I always look forward to this season, not only because of some unusual peaceful feelings within me, but also because of the Love we express to one another (in exchange of gifts) and ultimately the Love God expressed to us by giving us His only begotten Son (the greatest gift to the whole wide world), Who came to this world to show us the way to Heaven.

As we all rejoice and celebrate in this season, i want us all to remember that Jesus Christ is the reason for this season, and the perfect GIFT FOR THIS SEASON IS JESUS, freely we have received Him, freely we must also give by tell the world around us about Jesus. Do not be carried away with the celebrations in this season, let this season be a season you will preach about Jesus to those who do not know Him.

As we celebrate Jesus this season, may the Lord Bless and Keep us, may His Face continue to Shine upon Us and may the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with You.

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Luke 6:46‭-‬49 NKJV

 46“But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?
 47 Whoever comes to Me, and hears My sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like:
 48 He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house, and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock.
 49 But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently; and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was great.”

Friday, 16 December 2016


Malachi 1:6‭-‬14 NKJV

  6 “A son honors his father, And a servant his master. If then I am the Father, Where is My honor? And if I am a Master, Where is My reverence? Says the Lord of hosts To you priests who despise My name. Yet you say, ‘In what way have we despised Your name?’
  7 “You offer defiled food on My altar, But say, ‘In what way have we defiled You?’ By saying, ‘The table of the Lord is contemptible.’
  8 And when you offer the blind as a sacrifice, Is  it not evil? And when you offer the lame and sick, Is  it not evil? Offer it then to your governor! Would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you favorably?” Says the Lord of hosts.
  9 “But now entreat God’s favor, That He may be gracious to us. While this is being done by your hands, Will He accept you favorably?” Says the Lord of hosts.
 10 “Who is  there even among you who would shut the doors, So that you would not kindle fire on My altar in vain? I have no pleasure in you,” Says the Lord of hosts, “Nor will I accept an offering from your hands.
 11 For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall  be great among the Gentiles; In every place incense shall  be offered to My name, And a pure offering; For My name shall be great among the nations,” Says the Lord of hosts.
 12 “But you profane it, In that you say, ‘The table of the Lord is defiled; And its fruit, its food, is contemptible.’
 13 You also say, ‘Oh, what a weariness!’ And you sneer at it,” Says the Lord of hosts. “And you bring the stolen, the lame, and the sick; Thus you bring an offering! Should I accept this from your hand?” Says the Lord.
 14 “But cursed be  the deceiver Who has in his flock a male, And takes a vow, But sacrifices to the Lord what is blemished— For I am a great King,” Says the Lord of hosts, “And My name is  to  be feared among the nations.

I have had an opportunity to be in the church office at the time the tithes and offerings were being counted and accounted for, it was a great shame to see some mutilated notes among the currency. I believe some of this notes are rejected in the society and people see the offering pouch as the dumpster for these currencies.

To some of us, we are not guilty of the mutilated notes but we bring stolen money as tithes and as offering. Some of us on the other hand knows what we dropping in the offering pouch is just too small compared to the way God has blessed us.

In the book of Malachi chapter 1 verse 6 to 14, God is reminding us that this offerings are not polite and they are unacceptable before Him.

We all know that God does not spend our money (as a matter of fact, when Jesus needed money to pay tax, a fish was enough to be a bank......Matthew 17:24-27). Our offerings and tithes does not make God richer, He is a glorious God. But our hearts and our attitudes when we give, makes God happy.

When we give with a grateful heart, when we give cheerfully, when we give with all our hearts, and when we give what God deserves, God is always moved to bless us. We all remember the story of Cain and Abel. That is how God works

Our kind and Heavenly Father, we know You are merciful and You are full of Kindness towards us. We pray this day that You teach us how to give our hearts cheerfully to You and to always bring a holy and acceptable offering to You.

In Jesus Name we pray.

Sunday, 11 December 2016


Ecclesiastes 11:1‭-‬6 NKJV

 1 Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days.
 2 Give a serving to seven, and also to eight, For you do not know what evil will be on the earth.
 3 If the clouds are full of rain, They empty themselves upon the earth; And if a tree falls to the south or the north, In the place where the tree falls, there it shall lie.
 4 He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who regards the clouds will not reap.
 5 As you do not know what is the way of the wind, Or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child, So you do not know the works of God who makes everything.
 6 In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not withhold your hand; For you do not know which will prosper, Either this or that, Or whether both alike will  be good.

This bible verses are just teaching us not to be idle. What ever our hands find to do, we should do it. We should invest our talents, we should not be idle in any way.....

Let us cast our breads upon the waters and we will reap it after many the morning, sow your seed in the evening do not relent from sowing and God will prosper all our efforts.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016



For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:8‭-‬10 NKJV

Let us remind ourselves of the definition of grace again. Grace has been defined by dictionaries as "the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings."

We are only saved by grace not by the works of righteousness. The bible says "our righteousness is like a filthy rag......" Out of the abundance of His love to the lost Humankind, God gave His only begotten Son in propitiation for our sins (read 1John 2:2) and out of Love, the Only Begotten Son put thr sin of the whole world upon Himself and He offered His life as a Living sacrifice. We are saved only by Grace

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16 NKJV

But without faith it  is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things NOT YET SEEN, MOVED WITH GODLY FEAR, prepared an ark for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.
Hebrews 11:6‭-‬7 NKJV


Remember that we are only saved by Grace not by our work of righteousness lest anyone should boast, but i tell you the work of righteousness should accompany our Faith in order to be made perfect before our graceous Heavenly Father.

You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe and tremble!
James 2:19 NKJV (i read this bible text more than 10 times and everytime i read it i am like "wow")

If You believe there is One living God and the demons also believe there is only one living God so what is the difference between you and the demons? Although they tremble before God yet they know and they believe there is only one God.

Because we believe Jesus died for our sin is not just enough we have to work towards being continually righteous before God. We cannot continue in sin and say grace should abide, God forbid (Romans 6:1-2).

 18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.
 19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!
 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?
 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar?
 22 Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect?
 23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God.
 24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.
James 2:18‭-‬24 NKJV

Ponder on this in your Journey of life as a Christian.
Please share with your friends and your loved ones, You may not know who this message will help.

God bless you

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Psalms 47:1‭-‬2‭, ‬6‭-‬8 NKJV

Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph! For the Lord Most High is awesome; He  is a great King over all the earth. Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises! For God is the King of all the earth; Sing praises with understanding. God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne.


We Sing praises to God for all He has done for us in the year 2016. We thank God God for His provisions, His blessings, His protection over us and for good health.

As we go into the last month of the year 2016
- May the Lord Go before us.
- May the Lord protect us from all evil around
- May God guide our thoughts and actions
- All that we are still trusting God  in this year, may He do them for us.
- Dear Lord, whenever we call upon you this month, Father answer us speedily.
- Day by day of this month dear Lord we want to See You more Clearly, Love You more Dearly and we want to Follow You more Nearly.
- Give us the strength to enter 2017 triumphantly.

In Jesus name we pray.